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Education and training
Our experts provide educational seminars, training and coaching in accounting, bookkeeping software and financial management subjects.
Our Services to the community and qualified clients
At Community Accounting Services, Inc, we take care to provide our clients with the same high quality services that CPAs provide their paying clients.  Our volunteers are experienced, knowledgeable, professional, courteous and efficient.
Tax return preparation
Our volunteer accountants prepare federal and state tax returns for qualified clients.  This includes individual income tax, state income taxes, property taxes, payroll taxes and the earned income credit for low income clients.
To take advantage of this service, click here for details or contact our administrative office.
Tax audit or collection support
Sooner or later, everyone is likely to be called by tax authorities, either because they are selected for an audit or owe money.  Your CAS volunteer will handle the situation, including negotiation, making payment arrangements or even arranging forgiveness of the amounts due if you qualify.  You don't have to feel at the mercy of the authorities.
Financial counseling
If you're having trouble paying the bills, meeting financial obligations or dealing with aggressive collectors, a CAS volunteer may be able to guide you to resources that can help.  CAS isn't a lender but our people are familiar with various programs that can help.
Not-for-profit organizations
We will help you obtain your 501(c)(3) status, prepare IRS and state filings, set up bookkeeping systems and guide you in operating procedures.  We do not perform audits of nonprofits, but may be able to refer you to a firm that will.  And, from our member base, we may be able to recruit board members.