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Become a CAS volunteer
Are you ready to make your mark as a true professional, one who uses his or her specialized skills to give back to the community?  Then, we have an opportunity for you.  By working as a CAS volunteer, you can devote as much or as little time as you want to community service - on your own schedule - to work with clients who truly need your help.
Check out some of our opportunities.
You can help clients solve tax and financial problems, prepare IRS offers in compromise, back income tax returns, not-for-profit formation, develop business plans, credit card settlements and reverse mortgages.

You can serve as a site coordinator for our VITA tax preparation program.

You can also do classroom training or run tax clinics.
What's in this for you?  Besides helping, there's the growth and contacts.  You'll use the skills you already have to handle situations unlike those you've handled before and pick up new ones along the way.  You'll work with other professionals - fellow CPAs, lawyers, counselors, officials - to assist those who need your help.  We keep your risk low through our own professional liability coverage.  
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